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Saturday, 18 February 2017

New San Diego Vibes! - Martin Campbell & Vrs. artists (Spring release)

This isn't strictly an Iron Sound Records release, but due to our ongoing relationship with Martin we helped him produce the album and will be providing support upon release. The album itself was originally arranged in 2015 and produced in 2016. The selection features 11 vocal artists from San Diego backed by Martin's rhythm work which was built & performed at Channel One (UK) under The Hi Tech Roots Dynamics name.

San Diego: Foundational Roots - as a collection, thematically speaking follows lock-step with one of his earlier albums simply called Foundational Roots, which was another selection of roots style arrangements but then chiefly backed by UK artists in the vocal department.

From what we have heard thus far, this album has the potential to push Martin's name far & wide as the quality is high, with a selection of stand-out tracks hooking the mind and then slow burners, which will grow and glow over time.

This is definitely something to check out on release and being as this is a vinyl only production and limited edition, it may sell out quickly, if not immediately.

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